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Software developer in Canada from Austria with three boys and Australian wife and a strong Java, Android, Web and Linux background.

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Programming involvement includes

  • project owner of ksoap2-android
  • creator of Maven Android SDK Deployer
  • core committer on Android Maven Plugin
  • author, presenter and community advocate for Sonatype working on books like Repository Management with Nexus, The Hudson Book, Optimized Component Lifecycle Management with Sonatype CLM, Maven: The Complete Reference and blogger
  • trainer and presenter at conferences for Android development, Sonatype Nexus, Apache Maven and more
  • Various small bug fixes and help on a variety of open source projects related to Java and Android inlcuding Roboguice, Robotium, Robolectric, Android4Maven, Hudson, ...

comment Annual Review: what hard data should a developer bring?
All those number you come up with are highly subjective and therefore imho of not much value at all. I understand that these number can portray value, but imho they can just as easily get you into trouble for twisting the truth. E.g. you close 40% of the bugs .. those are all going to be of different complexity and workload. You will also have taken a different amount of help from others for them and so on. Or you could have just done the closing of the bugs and not actually the development. So really the 40% number does not mean much at all. And that applies to pretty much all metrics..
comment Annual Review: what hard data should a developer bring?
So how are you going to come up with these numbers so that they are even remotely true and reflect your input in a team environment? I doubt thats possible...