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Kassem Bagher

Hi there! so you're interested to know about me ha? ok, this is a brief about who i am :)

I've been a computer geek since i was 11, and an internet addict when i was 12 which opened for me a wide space of knowledge.

2003 was my first exposure to programming when i started learning Visual Basic 6, then i moved to Java at 2008, C# at 2009 ( +1 for it ) and finally Objective-C (for iOS) late 2010 when i also Graduated as an IT specialized in Databases from KAU (King Abdulaziz University).

During these years i did several small to mid sized applications for personal and business usage.

For now, I'm working on a startup company with my friend and Al Hamdulelah we expanded to be a group of 6 great people :)

Co-founder of @ShopMate_App