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comment Scientific evidence that supports using long variable names instead of abbreviations?
I would push back on your justification at the start. The reason mathematics gets away with it is because of conventions - and being not an expert in math I still get totally tripped up on longer equations. Also I'd say that: Math doesn't have autocomplete when written by hand (which seems to be a mathematicians weapon of choice) and therefore they operate under different constraints.
comment Does Scrum turn active developers into passive developers?
@Giogio, this is an issue with agile in general. Though a goal is to have people over process, in reality Agile becomes religiously followed - which again puts process over people. Personally I think lean does a better job of this than agile, though it does not attempt to enforce a strictly horizontal structure of the team - it does allow developers to choose tasks better. Assuming your team won't change, a kanban board in addition to what you are doing now could make management happy and you happy as well, giving you freedom to choose your stories/tasks.
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