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I'm a software developer / computer science researcher who just loves everything related to the software engineering.

Although I'm continuously learning something new and different, my main field of interest is software evolution.

I know key concepts of oop, tdd, bdd, java, eclipse, c, ruby… But my main question remains the same: „How do you create a living system that is going to evolve and not begin dying slowly after the release (or even before)?“

comment Bucketing model by time
Yes, calculating bucket is easy, but question is different. Let's say we have a project and project has a versions of files. So if you want to get a projects bucket from there files bucket it's easy: you just collect or related projects and remove duplicates, now going from projects to file versions is not the same. Also imagine I can calculate LOC delta with a previous version of a file, so I want to be able to calculate it for bucket. This means that bucket's and bucketed entities should share "interfaces".
comment Bucketing model by time
@portforwardpodcast smalltalk, but in general it does not matter that much, let's think about general OO language with trait support
comment null values vs “empty” singleton for optional fields
Wow, that's really helpful. I'm also using this code from java app. How will java work with Option[T]? Should I provide some additional methods? Because with null it's simple: if (object.field() != null) {...}