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comment Design Pattern for Library Wrapping Extern Methods
There is some level of object orientation. The DLL connects to a hardware system which has subsystems, and those subsystems have unique signals that be accessed. The extension methods in this case are not for enriching the API to the DLL but for creating the access to it. I want to have a more C# looking wrapper that calls those externed methods. Now my plan is once i have this wrapping complete, I would then create class for say HardwareSubsystem that would contain only the necessary methods that a hardware subsystem would need. That would be used.
comment Design Pattern for Library Wrapping Extern Methods
Let me clarify that generic part. The entire Dll provides access to a rather involved hardware system. The generic or Baseclass would contain the methods that allow you to connect to the hardware and get state of the system. The other groups are all different actions you can perform. Acquire signals, and make updates. The C# side would have many extension methods that are just the implementations of the functions from the DLL, then if a new set of functionality is added it would just be another extension class. Does that clear it up at all for you?