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comment Measuring “novelty” of data
Possibly, although that leads me to wonder about how white noise would be treated. If the stream is just totally random, ie incompressible in the usual sense, then my definition for novelty would fall apart. Taken as a whole, there would be nothing statistically significant about the stream, but sections of the frame could appear to be very "novel."
comment Advise how to write a simple test for this javascript snippet?
Of course, it can be helpful to mess around writing your own unit testing api as a learning exercise. Just remember the programmer's virtues ( c2.com/cgi/wiki?LazinessImpatienceHubris ) if you start to think about using them for a project, and use a library instead.
comment Is the Observer pattern adequate for this kind of scenario?
It would be nice if the absolute values were only updated when they were accessed, maybe keyed off of a frame counter. That way you wouldn't be processing the entire subtree every time its root moved, only the bits you care about for that frame.
comment How to ensure that a member variable is initialized before calling a class method
Something else to ask yourself: why are you offering a way to set the variable outside of the constructor if it needs to be initialized anyway?
comment Writing unit test only for applications that requires them
Generally, applications that don't need unit testing are either A) already so specific/complex that you can't unit test, or B) so simple that unit testing would be more complicated than the subject of your tests. IOW embedded systems, existing "enterprise level" cludge, and bash scripts.
comment Should I use parentheses in logical statements even where not necessary?
Yup, you're right. Fixed it.
comment Is there something which can write the function for me given the pattern?
You mean en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supervised_learning ? Sure, lots of algorithms...
comment Code reuse via inheritance
@MrFox To be clear, you're referring to multiple inheritance, correct? I'd also add that even abstracts or interfaces can present problems as well, if like me you've ever had to use an API where in order to get to IWheel you first have to cast IEngine to ICar (paraphrasing). How things got that bad is a long story involving contractors, don't let it happen to you!