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I'm a late starter to coding, at time of writing I'm 35 and started coding in VB at 33, in 2010. So I don't have any formal background in it. My day job was purely content research and entry, I decided programming would make it faster.

Now I use WPF with vb or c#, I'm learning F# and functional programming, LINQ and lambdas are part of my normal coding life and Entity Framework is making a previously manual job a lot easier. I still shift back to old school SQL at work with winforms at need. Also of interest is influencing our company into Agile practices including TDD and DDD :)

I've played with Lua on the IPad, php and MYsql for fun.

I'd like to get into specialist arenas with code, especially medical or scientific stuff despite lacking bits of paper. So on the side I'm studying maths and neurosciences, in the hope I can get onto a decent course or three in time to come.

I'm very interested in getting into a challenge that is both intriguing but beyond me so that I'm forced to work out how to express solutions in code thoroughly. I'm on problem 3 at Project Euler in an effort to kick back against my apparent lack of experience in the market place for developers.