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Software Developer for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Current areas of focus: Grails, Groovy, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery-UI, Backbone, AJAX, Google Earth API

Some hobby work on Wordpress, Bootstrap, Django, Python, Apache config

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comment Why the recent shift to removing/omitting semicolons from Javascript?
Clarifying point: the return example is actually an exception to the normal JS behavior which is to attempt to pull lines together when a semi-colon is omitted. return, break, and continue all exhibit this exceptional behavior in which a trailing newline is always interpreted as an end of statement. (Source is Flanagan's "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide" pp25-26). Personally, I strive for the idea of "code of least surprise." Leaving semi-colons out tends to result in more surprises than anything (I generally also keep my curly braces even for simple statements).