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I've been in software development since 2000, and some helpdesk before that.

I'm currently working on Glassboard, a private group messaging application. Think Facebook, except private. The whole back end is hosted on Microsoft Azure, so I've been doing a lot of work on that.

Before this I did all sorts of fun things at NewsGator. I mostly worked on the various RSS based tools that they did prior to the current SocialSites craze, such as the newsreader, backend services, firehose, and widgets. I did do some of the initial work on SocialSites 2010, starting from File->New Solution, but I've been out of it for over a year now.

comment Extension method naming convention
@Konrad - but how long will finding the next localization bug take? IMO it's better not to catch those exceptions, so that you can find the bugs earlier in the development/test cycle.
comment Is there already a commonly known name for the 'ensure pattern'?
You state "my Ensure method ensures that there is always a populated entity with specified properties" but according to your point #2 it actually does not - if there was a preexisting entity with different properties then you just return it. If you did an insert-or-update instead then it would always have an entity with those properties, and that operation is sometimes called Upsert.
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