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I am a Defence student from the alpine country of Slovenia. Im interested in almost anything, im very much into Psychology, Cognitive science, Cyberspace security, ... and many other stuff.

I am also rookie programmer, I am very eager to learn more about programming. My base is from Visual basics, where im and intermediate programmer, but im leaving basics aside and trying ti learn PHP, JS,, JQ, MySQL, CSS etc. Basicly web development.

Currently I am working on a big project which i started due to lack of exercising my creativity and also the desire to learn something via a big project. The project is making a professional wargaming/simulation web-application, and dont let the name foul you, not a "game" at least not in the orthodox meaning. GitHub link:

I would be very happy to find some help, im open for cooperation, and i have no marketing intentions with my app. It would certainly be nice to have a mentor, so i could learn more.

And u also get to know someone best if u make something together, best frendshipes start in this way. Feel free to contact me anytime about anything. What motivates us! Where good ideas come from


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