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comment Is Agile the new micromanagement?
The "new" micromanagement? Not hardly. It's been around since 1997, some components earlier. If they didn't start doing agile years ago why would you want to work there unless you had to?
comment Do Scrum sprints mean to work at the fastest pace possible?
"... that you don't go home when the working hours are over, you go home when the job is done, no matter how much it takes" seems like a direct conflict with the key concept of sustainable pace - I'd work there if I had to put food on the table. HST, if this occurs from time to time, I've no problem with it. Sometimes, despite every effort, there's a crunch, and the customer comes first. But she makes it sound like that's a regular occurrence, and that it's admirable. What it means is that they are not doing root cause to understand why it's occurring and fix the underlying problem.
comment Game server code design
+1 for "When in doubt, try implementing it both ways and see which one works out better." As I read your answer, it prompted the thought of abstracting the presence of a person in the room. A Presence object, with presence.setRoom() and presence.addPlayer(). Then Player has no notion of a room, nor room of a player.