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CS major with a history of day jobs other than programming...high school teacher, biomedical researcher, litigation support specialist, law student. All the while, practicing and preaching software design.

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comment Why big companies use Perforce?
I was trying to address "the time it takes to initialy populate a source tree that", but actually I can see that the submodule issue I mentioned is irrelevant because the submodules contain all the histories of those repositories too. I guess the only way to cut down on history would be to use binaries of the dependencies.
comment Why big companies use Perforce?
Is the problem that large companies put their code into one repository? What about putting each 'module' or 'application' into a separate Git repository, so that these repositories' sizes are manageable? Each of these repositories would then import required functionalities using Git's submodule feature. In this way, the maintainers of the repositories would occasionally pull their submodules to obtain updates or new features, and only then would users of that repository require updates larger than the code of the repository itself.
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