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Algocoders is a group of enthusiasts with a mission to help people build a better software eco-system by standing on the shoulder of giants.

Mission: We will churn out bullet-size capsules in the form of tiny booklets with industrial-set framework to lift the thin veil with initial focus on practical usage of C++11 vis-a-vis mathematical foundation behind it and its future evolution and will set our foot on boost++ eventually.

Present Status Quo: We believe that mastering the mathematical foundation of computer science is not for someone faint-hearted, nonetheless without it, very little could be told about the proper usage and extension, leading to endless hours of frustation building and maintaining large industrial software power houses.

With plethora of books, articles, blogs, docs available at our disposal, it is a real daunting task to be on the cutting edge consistently inspite of perseverance.

Approach: Faced with the present situation as mentioned above, we decided to adopt a pragmatic approach to build a new world right here.

The very first step towards this large goal, we will be publishing a series of books(or booklets) which will bridge the gap between esoteric and street-side ones. Initial focus will be on C++11, Boost, Loki, STL, Algorithms and Data Structures.

First book in this series is : Foundation of Algorithms in C++11, Volume 1(Revised Edition) Using and Extending C++11, Boost and Beyond

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