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Starting my coding "career" with AMOS on Amiga back in the 90s, I have since worked about 6 years for two different web agencies, integrating templates and coding websites and online applications using mostly Coldfusion, HTML and CSS. I have some knowledge of ActionScript, Javascript and AJAX as well. Database-wise, I have used PostgreSQL mostly, and MySQL more recently.

Unemployed for quite some time, I tried to get back to speed in Java (my favorite language at school) and learn PHP (though admittedly a bit burned out on web stuff).

My current regret is to never have been pushed by my work environment to use advanced coding techniques. I am currently doing my best to catch up by learning all I should know about Object Oriented Programming, Design Patterns and software development methodologies in general.

I'm very recently employed again, working in a Coldfusion environment again, backed up by Oracle DBs.

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