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Δεν είμαι ένας Έλληνας

Not that the above statement really matters somehow, its just a clarification. I'm not very good at greek (and even still have difficulties to read text in greek letters). So please don't expect me being anything better with this, as google translate does for me ;).

Though I love my alias πάντα ῥεῖ here. Not only it's a good ancient motto (said to come from Heraclitus), it has been already helpful discovering of responders

  • stupid racist, gender concerned, homophobe, or any other kind of wrongly biased arguing on comments/answers
  • primary missing abilities so respond on comments in SO correctly :-D
  • primary missing abilities distinguishing greek letters from hindi, thai, chinese, etc.

I will down-/close-vote questions or answers that do not fit the policies pointed out in the SO-Help Center. If you're in doubt, read there first please!

A bit more info about me (if you got the above!):

I'm in programming with about 30 years of experience.

One of my very favorite languages still is C++, but when it comes to find solutions I don't care very much in which language they need to be achieved.

I've got background in embedded programming (which I'm currently doing as an employee) and business (ERP) domains. Came along lot of techniques and technologies throughout my career as software developer; XML, XSLT, .NET (C#), ATL, linux, Windows, Web development, SOAP to name just a few.

Another passion of mine is development with UML (currently using Sparx Enterprise Architect).

There's also a blog site I'm rarely posting to.

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