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Short bio: I do everything!

By day I'm a mix of sysadmin and developer at Opera Software, working on [https://mail.opera.com/](My Opera Mail) and Fastmail.FM. We use Perl, Cyrus, Postfix, MySQL and Linux to make mail awesome.

By night I write games, so C++, Lua, OpenGL and everything in between. My main time sink is Pioneer, a galactic-scale space game with a realistic physics model. I suck at math and algorithms so I spend a lot of time reading papers and getting things wrong. Its fun!

If I have any time left in between all of that, I'm a dad to three girls and a husband to one lovely lady. She makes things too, so if you prefer meatspace creativity check her stuff out.

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comment Is there a purpose for using pull requests on my own repo if I am the only developer?
You say "as a lone developer there isn't a great need to use the pull request model and committing directly to master should work just fine". But not using pull requests does not mean not using branches.
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