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comment Torvalds' quote about good programmer
I have to say though, that the line between datastructure and code isn't all that clear. To code up a good data structure, you often must have good code in the first place! After all, data structure is really just more code (albeit more modular ,and perhaps reusable)
comment Unit testable code: method visibility vs test complexity
while this works, it kinda is cheating imho. Cheating in the sense that the problem of a class mixing up responsibilities isn't fixed, but bandaided over (using default visibility to restrict outside calls, but still available to tests).
comment Why was Scala not implemented with C or C++
@OP: you speak as though its bad to have a language implemented on top of the JVM (or CLR for that matter). The tuning you mention that is possible in C is nowhere near the amount of tuning put into CLR or the JVM. And if the platform improves, your language automatically gets it for free. Given the choice, no one should be implementing their language on top of good'ol C anymore imho.
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