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comment How to help team members value each others input?
Are you able to identify the reason why people are working against each other? Lack of team spirit? Low morale? If you can identify that cause then the solution may be easier to spot.
comment Handling requests RESTfully?
Are people able to make GET requests against your URL that is responsible for deleting data? I believe that can leave you open to certain types of cross site forgery attacks.
comment 2 year degree plus experience vs 4 year degree
I agree fully. I don't have my four year degree and quite frankly if that prevents me from getting in the door for an interview then they have done me a favor.
comment Class Design and Separation Of Concerns
I see what your saying here. The list is really just a black or white thing. A person either has a feature (in the left side) or doesn't (in the right side). So my class as I've shown is fine for how the display but that is where it should stop and I should have the parent model worry about the loading and saving. Basically the hierarchy right now is that the controller creates a parent model and calls load on that. That load method is what sets up RightLeftPersonToggle. The controller has no knowledge of this class at all. Thin controllers and fat models is what I'm going for.
comment Class Design and Separation Of Concerns
@Falcon Try not to let the business domain cloud the question. I only used the type of person as illustration that we will have different save and load functions. These left and right toggle boxes are tied very loosely to the business domain and are just controls to white list a person to a feature. If they are in the left box they get it, if they are in the right box they don't.
comment How can an amateur programmer get past their boundaries when formal educational resources are not available?
"the college in my country is not really offering me the knowledge that will help me improve" is a really easy thing to say. I think though that after the thought you probably will realize just how much it did help you. What sorts of classes do they offer? Where are they lacking?
comment Is there a canonical book on mathematics for programmers?
Project Euler questions are for sure math based but the problem I had with them was they got so advanced so quickly that the only way I was able to solve them was with brute force algorithms (unless I cheated). They say that you should be able to find an elegant solution that runs in under 60 seconds for all the questions.
comment Merging functionality from two controllers; should I place all actions in one controller?
Do the methods in the StatusController return ActionResults that use views under the OrdersController views folder?
comment What is the path to JavaScript mastery?
Should be a new tag in my opinion :P
comment Moving Old Projects To Newer IDE's and Libraries
Thanks. The oldest .NET 1.1 project is massive and financially critical to the company.