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comment Web Developer interview questions
@ruffin you've totally missed the point. The reason I ask for whether they could write it on a pad it to see how deeply theyve been involved in web request work. If you've had fiddler, or the net panel open lots, and lots, and lots, you could do this without thinking too much - ie you've done a lot of heavy web service work lately. This isn't a "have you ever worked on web services before" fizbin test, its a "I'm looking for a web services guy, someone who's currently really sharp on the tools".
comment Web Developer interview questions
This is a misnomer in my opionion. How can you make architectural decisions, if you don't understand and remember the foundations - i've seen this before in developers that call themselves "architects", and it usually appears that they've lost touch (which is easy to do if you take on senior roles and don't keep the dream alive).
comment Web Developer interview questions
Its not just if you know the answer to the question. If you answer a question I dig deeper into why you answered that way and where you learnt it, I ask how it contrasts to other answers, I ask whether you've always done it that way, and if not what changed your view. Interviews aren't multiple choice questions, they are team bonding and chemistry checks, intelligence and problem solving discussions and sometimes also give a "gut feeling" for raw skill and experience. Programming isn't just about having a correct answer.
comment Scrum for a single programmer?
The amount of people who get this wrong and think scrum is just about having short scrum meetings everyday astounds me...