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I've been developing software of all shapes and sizes using Microsoft technologies for over 20 years now.

The wonder of our profession is that we continue to learn something new every day, and that to teach IS to learn.

Current obsession : Having a chuckle at local South African culture (or lack thereof)

comment Is a coding standard even needed any more?
Fine by me - one less thing to waste time on, especially if all devs have a Resharper license and fxcop / stylecop is running on the build server.
comment Equivalent of SOLID principles for functional programming
FWIW, this was discussed briefly on SO a year ago
comment What software models are appropriate for daily builds and continuous integration?
Updated - daily / nightly builds have been around forever then. One of the our main reasons for doing them regularly and at night was because our C++ took ages to compile, at least until precompiled headers came about.
comment How much help should I give during technical interviews?
+1 for your example - with this approach as an interviewer, you get a much deeper insight into the candidates REAL understanding of the subject.
comment I'm so jealous of middle-aged developers. Are we unlucky?
+1 - As offensive as DeadMG's argument may seem, there is much truth in it ... languages have evolved such that productivity (dev deadlines, ease of maintenance etc) are much improved over doing it in ASM or C. I learned the hard way 12 years ago ... I was a C dinosaur and got left in the dust by VB6 and Java. I quickly learned that to in order to earn a living, I needed to regard software as a tool to achieve business objectives, and not the other way round.